More women are flyfishing than ever before and they are enjoying the friendships, personal growth and camaraderie that goes right along with it. There are many great clubs and other resources for women to grow locally and online. Finatical Flyfishing offers the chance to explore new places, adventures and flyfishing travel in a safe environment, with the best guides and professionals in the area. We’re here to help you enjoy fly-fishing’s bucket list destinations and meet new friends to share it all with!

Steph Albano is the founder and owner of Finatical Flyfishing and has enjoyed flyfishing travel most of her life.  The trips offered in the western US are on rivers she has been fishing for many years. The international trips are some of the favorite destinations from recent travels. She has fished in Chile, Alaska, the Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, the Seychelles, Belize, Christmas Island, Hawaii and in the US. All trips are built around knowledgeable, skilled, high quality guide operations and amazing locations; giving you the best trip for your precious days on the water. As anglers and as people, we are shaped by the places we go and the experiences we have, both on and off the water. 

Women’s flyfishing has reached an exciting time. Today we have more women guiding than ever before and many are raising the standard in this demanding profession.  Finatical Flyfishing is honored to feature some of these women and the outfitters who support them on our trips and in our blogs and marketing. 

You are busy. Finatical Flyfishing makes flyfishing travel easy. When you book a trip, your package will include all of the details you need. Accommodations, guides, food, packing lists, gear lists and recommendations on travel to the destination. In most cases we can help with gear rentals if you need them.

Finatical Flyfishing was created for women by women who have traveled and fished around the globe. There are more trips being planned every day. If there is someplace you want to go we’d love to hear from you. We can also help you arrange a custom or private trip for your club, small group or family.
Steph Albano owner Finatical Flyfishing

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