Argentina Trip Report, Diane Bristol & the Green River

Argentina Trip Report 

A group of six ladies had a spectacular time landing Dorado, Pira Pita and Pacu on the Parana river just outside Corrientes, Argentina. Our biggest Dorado was 10 lbs (with a few of us pushing that number);  everyone landed multiple species, enjoyed great food and drink and the warm Argentine sun. The fishing day started by 8 AM and we came back to the lodge around noon for a wonderful meal, wine and a siesta. Returning to the water around 4 we fished until the Argentine sun set and had dinner at the lodge around 9:30.

Most of this group then went on to San Martin (Patagonia) to fish for trout. Rinconada and Quemquemtreau  provided exquisite accommodations and the chance to experience a true Argentine Estancia.  After fishing long days we indulged in Argentine Malbec, saw a tango demonstration and had the pleasure of multiple Asado’s. The Argentine’s are master’s in creating a slow cooked (Asado) bar-b-que from lamb and beef. Family and friends and the time shared are cherished and we were certainly treated as such.

Flyfishing in this part of Argentina included time on the Collon Cura, Alumine, the Malleo, Quemquemtreau Creek and the Chimehuin. Trout averaged 16-20” and a large percentage were caught with dry fly action. Although weather did not permit this group to conquer the lakes, a handful of us chose to enjoy two different walk wade options and were treated with sight fishing for feisty 18" (ish) trout in these smaller waters. 

The groups also experienced a city tour in Buenos Aires which included learning about the various neighborhoods, history of the area, and some nice walks through the heart of Buenos Aires. Dinners at an  incredible Italian restaurant, Sottovoce, and Fervor for steak and grilled fish. The blending of Argentina’s cultural history and people is evident when you have a chance to experience the city. It is always a gift to immerse yourself in the warm, family oriented culture, Malbec, sunshine and friendships the Argentine’s offer.

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Green River Women's Trip
June 24-28, 2024

Join us for the Finatical Flyfishing Women's Trip on the legendary Green River near Pinedale, Wyoming. Immerse yourself in a world of pristine nature, wildflowers, antelope, moose, eagles, and large browns and rainbows. This is your chance to reel in the big ones, with golden stones, salmon flies, PMD’s, and gray drakes.

Guided by the Best: Fish with Rusti Christensen (pictured above right)  and our expert guides from Two Rivers Fishing in Pinedale. They will share their knowledge and skills to put you on the fish. All are great teachers as well as being fishy; don’t hesitate to ask questions about the areas of flyfishing you want to learn about. Three days of guided fishing with these experts will ensure laughter and fishy good days on the water. All levels of angler welcome.

Four Nights Lodging: We have several cabins around a grassy area filled with picnic tables and yard games. Each cabin has two bedrooms, a kitchen, washer and dryer and living space. You’ll have your own room but plenty of opportunities to get to know your fishing buddies. Post fishing, happy hour will be ready and the relaxation and fish stories are sure to unfold.

Culinary Delights: Lunch will be on the water. Breakfast and dinners are catered in. We can accommodate most food allergies. Relax and relish the flavors of Wyoming.

Connect with other Finatical Flyfishing women for an experience filled with camaraderie, stories, and laughter that lasts long after the you return home. $2,799 for your own room in shared cabins.

Ready to make waves? Reserve your spot now and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Diane Bristol, VP Culture and Community, SImms

Finatical Flyfishing was created to give women more choices for flyfishing travel, an opportunity to meet other women who fly fish and the chance to escape the rest of life and enjoy time on the water. Since the beginning, Finatical Flyfishing has enjoyed featuring women who are leading in the sport and the industry as examples for us all to learn from.
We are honored and excited to feature Diane Bristol, Vice President, Culture and Community at Simms. It was a pleasure to have some time to learn from Diane about all things flyfishing, career and life.
How did you get started with Simms and how did your career advance?
In 1988, Diane’s then fiancé moved to Jackson Hole after finishing college. Diane joined him in Jackson as an, “after college before we start our adult lives” adventure. She got a job with Life-Link, which was the parent company of Simms at that time. They stayed in Jackson from 1988-1991 and loved all of the skiing, hiking, biking, and of course the fly-fishing in Jackson. Diane learned about Simms and enjoyed being a part of the Simms/Life-Link team. 
However, Jackson, WY was and still is an incredibly expensive place to live and they chose to move to Bozeman, Montana in 1991. Because Life-Link had their operations in Bozeman, Diane was able to continue working at Life-Link and the move to Bozeman was a great stepping-stone for the next phase of her journey. It turned out to be pivotal in her career with Simms.
In 1993 K.C. Walsh bought Simms from Life-Link and Diane was one of the 17 team members from Life-Link that became Simms Fishing Products. The bulk of the employees were in manufacturing - they were making waders, vests and other layers in Bozeman. Diane was the sole customer service person and then managed customer service and other customer-facing departments for the company as they grew. Simms further growth offered Diane the opportunity to focus solely on marketing and she ended up leading marketing and brand management until 2014 when she was invited to lead what is now People, Culture and Community.

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Finatical Flyfishing Trip Lineup

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Big Horn River, Thermopolis, WY May 16-20, 2024  1 Spot Left!
Big Horn River, Thermopolis, WY May 12-16, 2024  Sold Out!

Green River, Pinedale, Wyoming, June 20-24, 2024  Sold Out
Green River, Pinedale, Wyoming, June 24-27, 2024  6 Spots Left

Henry's Fork, Idaho, July 12-16, 2024  2 Spots Left!

Sun Valley Women's Trip September 11-15, 2024  3 Spots Left

Couples trips  Sun Valley, Idaho 2024   1 Couple Spot Left

Argentina, December 7-14, 2024  6 Spots Left

Agua Boa Lodge, Agua Boa river Brazil,
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Mexico, Kay Fly Lodge, February 1-8, 2025 -Now Open 

Cuba February, 15-22, 2025  2 Spots Left

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