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Photo Credit: Hillary Maybery. Amanda Bauman fishing in the Wood River Valley. 




Silver Creek, Wood & Salmon Rivers
September 16-20, 2022 -Women's Trip

These bucket list waters are amazing and there are a multitude of options in this part of Idaho. We have a group of talented, well-known, fun women lined up to guide you on these bucket list waters.  Jill Clark, Julie Meissner and Amanda Bauman of Silver Creek Outfitters are very well respected guides, great teachers and a lot of fun to hang out with. The first two days will be walk-wade trips on Silver Creek and the Wood River. The third day is a special treat. Julie will be leading our team on the Salmon River -just over the hill. She only guides 10-15 days per year now but owned her own outfitting business for ten years on this stretch from 2000-2010. She and her team know this water better than anyone -and it is spectacular in the fall. 
Join us for four nights lodging, three days of guided fishing, all meals and beer and wine with dinner. Single occupancy $3,199 or double occupancy $2,999





Guides for the September Idaho Trip:
Julie Miesner

Julie has been guiding flyfishing trips for over 25 years and river trips for more than 40 years in the Sun
<![if !vml]><![endif]> Valley and Stanley areas. She is a certified casting instructor and has a passion for the outdoors. In 2000 she started her own business on the Upper Main Salmon with a wading and float permit. Her guiding business did well, and she helped at least two other guides get into the business. Due to her passion for being on the water, she sold that business to Silver Creek Outfitters in 2010. Continuing to guide for Silver Creek, she no longer had to spend time doing payroll, marketing and other office-associated business activities which allowed for more time guiding and fishing. Her flyfishing skills, appreciation for the outdoors and relationships with her guests are highly prevalent when you get the chance to talk with Julie. We’ve had many comments on our social media posts regarding fabulous days on the water and the demonstration of ‘not a better day to be spent'.

Jill Clark
Jill Clark originally hails from Hagerman, Idaho, which may explain her affinity for local waters. An expert on
<![if !vml]><![endif]> the region, she has called Idaho home for nearly 50 years. Fishing caught her attention when she was a little girl and her grandmother took her out on the Snake River where she caught a trout with a corn kernel on her hook. “At that point,” I was hooked, Jill laughed.

Jill taught school for many years and loves teaching on the water when she guides. Jill explains, “I don’t think that the teaching element of my life will ever go away. I figure that teaching a skill, demonstrating, and then letting a client try it out is the best way of actually getting a client into catching mode.

As a guide she has an incredible following, especially among women. One of the nicest, most helpful people you will meet. If you want to have a fun day on the water and learn something along the way....Jill is your gal! 

Amanda Bauman
A born and bred Idaho native. After leaving the Gem State to attend college in Montana, she was lured back
<![if !vml]><![endif]> to the Wood River Valley by the pull of family and a lifestyle she embraces. Amanda began to fish during her time away at school. “It was something I could do by myself in the evenings while firefighting,” she explained. “Being somewhat self taught I remember vividly the first fish I caught on a dry fly on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. It was that calm summer evening that I fell in love with fishing.” For her, the perfect end to a day on the river is getting back for an evening mountain bike ride in the valley followed by a meal shared with people she loves.

About her guiding stye: Amanda is someone who likes to teach and can sometimes get lost in showing all the intricacies of fly fishing. She considers it a delicate dance to ensure the guest ends the day with new knowledge and understanding while ensuring they had fun and their expectations for the trip were exceeded.




Wood River Land Trust put together this documentary about the area. Take in some of the amazing scenery and note that Jill Clark -one of our guides -is included in this feature. 






-Oliver Wendell Holmes


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