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Ascension Bay, Mexico
March 6-12, 2022
3 Spots Left!
The first 16 spots on our Mexico trip (Feb 27-March 6) filled fast! We added a second week and only have three spots left. We are staying at Sol Caribe and will be fishing with guides from Pesca Maya lodge. 

Each boat goes out with a senior guide and a junior guide every day. Senior guides at Pesca Maya have been at the lodge and guiding for many years. Some since the lodge opened 24 years ago and the ‘youngest’ has been guiding for 15 years at Pesca Maya. A two-guide system is great because you’ll have someone with experienced eyes upfront helping you spot fish, manage your line and work on your cast if you’d like. The other guide is poling and looking for more opportunities. Flyfishing service at its finest! All levels of anglers are welcome. If you've always wanted to try the salt, having another guide on your boat is a great way to learn.

This package offers six nights double occupancy lodging, five days of guided fishing, all meals at the lodge and many adult beverage options are included! $3,785.






Meet Kris Millgate, a Journalist Making a Difference for Natural Resources
From time to time we like to feature some of the amazing women in the flyfishing industry. Kris Millgate is an angler by passion and a journalist by profession. After working for a decade in TV news she founded Tight Line Media in 2006. “I hope to make a difference for our natural resources by helping people truly connect to them. We rarely stop to think about the resources under our feet. We are busy with work, kids’ hockey games and our lives. The wilderness is trying to make its way, with us in its way”, said Kris.
The issues surrounding dams on western rivers has been a focus for years. Kris has done several assignments on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River and witnessed the remnants of the river being dredged seven decades ago. When mining companies pulled the gold from the river bottom, they also pulled the river bottom and all of its nutrients. The piles of rock and debris still lay along the bank today as exhibits of the historical treatment of our rivers.

During her time on the Yankee Fork, Kris watched one of the dying salmon spawn. “I said to myself, ‘These fish swim 850 miles from the Oregon coast to Idaho’s wilderness to spawn then die where they started. It’s absolutely unbelievable. Wouldn’t it be amazing to document the whole route?'” Kris said. She studied this route for three years and devised her plan to film and produce Ocean to Idaho.
In 2020, during a pandemic, Kris Millgate traveled solo in her truck and camper throughout the Pacific Northwest to document the journey thousands of salmon make every year. Ocean to Idaho will take you on this journey, which includes eight major dams. The video, photography and story illustrate the salmon’s epic journey and why it is so much harder today. Extinction is in the realm of possibilities. The film also reveals all sides of the story when considering what we should do about dams. “It is about what the whole Northwest thinks rather than what I think,” Kris explained. "I want the full story from everyone, on every story.”

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Finatical Flyfishing Trip Lineup

Ascension Bay, Mexico, Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge,
February 28 - March 6, 2022 
-Sold Out!
March 6-12, 2022 -
3 Spots Left

Green River, Pinedale, Wyoming, June 23-27, 2022  

Henry's Fork, Idaho, July 14-18, 2022 
3 Spots Left!

Silver Creek, Wood & Salmon Rivers, Idaho, September 16-20, 2022 
3 Spots Left!

Rio Negro, Brazil, Peacock Bass, TBD 2023




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