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Like everything else in the world, Covid has had an impact on flyfishing travel. Covid first erupted in early 2020 and we all stayed home. Later EVERYONE got stir crazy. When large gatherings and sporting events were no longer an option, it sent a lot of folks straight to the river (or lake, or ocean), all over the nation.  Some to fish, some to float, some to boat, some to swim and others to merely be there. How many? In February 2021, the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation estimated somewhere around 17 million people.

Our Mexico 2022 trip is sold out -16 amazing ladies have secured their spots and it will be a great group of fun women. We have a waiting list for that trip.  There is still availability on our Bahamas trip. As for 2022.... our summer trips are filling up and many outfitters are reporting their prime season dates are already taken. If you have an interest in a trip, let us send you the info and consider booking sooner rather than later. 




Mangrove Cay Club on Andros Island, Bahamas
February 4-10, 2022

Bonefish are one of the most fun saltwater targets you can find. Watching them eat and hearing your reel sing will quickly raise your addiction to saltwater flyfishing!

The flats surrounding Andros Island are some of the best bonefishing in the world. The fish are plentiful and average 3 to 5 pounds with regular appearances of 6 to 10 pound fish. Several 11, 12 and 13 pound fish are landed every season. In fact, some of the largest fish have been taken within sight of the lodge!<![if !vml]><![endif]> You’ll have plenty of shots whether you are new to saltwater or an expert. 

Mangrove Cay Club is located on the north shore of Mangrove Cay. This location was chosen for the lodge to allow access to mile after mile of prime bonefish water without ever having to trailer a boat or take a rough ride in the open ocean. Walk out of the lodge, load your flats boat and you’ll have access to all of the waters of the Bights, the Eastern Flats and the remote and legendary West Side.<![if !vml]><![endif]>

Six nights, five days guided fishing, all food and beverages  $5,299 double occupancy. We're offering this special price for our first year out! It is less than the lodge rate for that same time period and substantially less than some nearby Andros competitors. All levels of anglers are welcome and you'll enjoy the ocean view from your room and the exquisite food Chef Ike prepares every day. Wine beer and most other adult beverages are included!







Women's Flyfishing Clubs
One of the missions of Finatical Flyfishing is to highlight some of the women leading the fly-fishing industry today. We also want to offer connections for those of you who enjoy the sport to find new friends, resources and great adventures! Our latest blog talks about Women's Flyfishing Clubs. 

Years ago I had the opportunity to serve on the founding board for Colorado Women Flyfishers. At the time, I was a recent college graduate who had just relocated to Denver. Like so many volunteer opportunities, serving on this board brought much more to my life than I was ever able to give to it. Lifelong friendships, new adventures, and a new community that welcomed a young woman moving into the next phase of life.

I was blessed to grow up in a flyfishing family. The club however offered monthly educational meetings (with dinner and socializing), casting lessons and we soon formed a long list of summer trips all over the state. I was fortunate to meet a group of friends who enjoyed the same recreation I did; and they came from all walks of life.

As the women’s flyfishing segment continues to grow, so do the clubs and other groups serving it. Flyfishers International (FFI), founded in 1964 to offer education, conservation, and community, was always open to women; however, like the sport itself, FFI had more men in their membership than women. In 2016 four ladies decided to create an organized voice for the women’s segment to be represented and have offerings at the annual FFI Expo. These ladies have not only created a voice but they’ve had the most popular booth at the expo, evening events that included happy hour, door prizes, and an overall enthusiasm that is contagious. They learn about all aspects of flyfishing and, they have a lot of fun.
Patty Lueken, Mary Ann Dozer, Sandy Carpenter, and Molly Semenik were the four ladies who created that organized voice. They had a women’s booth at the expo and women’s educational opportunities that stretched through those two days. Subsequent years brought evening events, happy hour, door prizes, additional education opportunities and the camaraderie we all enjoy......... Check out the rest of the story on our website:






Green River -Pinedale, WY
June 23-27, 2022

Come and fish the legendary Green River near Pinedale, Wyoming with us! We’ll have access to some incredible fishing and this area is one of the best kept secrets around. Some huge browns and rainbows hide in these waters and this time of year they are taking the food in. Golden Stones, Salmon Fly's, PMD’s, and Gray Drakes! There are plenty of Moose, Deer, and great bird watching as you float each day. You’ll find a ton of fish 16”-20” and the 20”+ fish are not unusual on the Green. This is prime time to be on this stretch of river!

Your package includes all meals, four nights at the Hampton Inn with views of the Wind River range in the distance and three days of guided fishing with guides from Two Rivers Fishing Co.. Single Occupancy $2,699 and Double $2,499.





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Andros Island, Bahamas, Mangrove Cay Club, February 4-11, 2022

Ascension Bay, Mexico, Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge,
February 28 - March 6, 2022 
-Sold Out!

Green River, Pinedale, Wyoming, June 23-27, 2022  

Henry's Fork, Idaho, July 14-18, 2022 
4 spots left!

Silver Creek, Wood & Salmon Rivers, Idaho, September 16-20, 2022

Rio Negro, Brazil, Peacock Bass, TBD 2023




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