Two New Trips and the Couples Report

Join us to fish Dragonflies and experience Patagonia!
New Trip Announcement!
Argentina -Women's Trip
December 7-14, 2024
10 Rods Total, 7 Available
Your Patagonia fishing trip will begin at El Encuentro lodge on the banks of the Rio Futaleufu (also referred to as the Rio Grande) situated at the base of the Andes. Anglers will have their choice to float the big waters of the Futaleufu that holds healthy rainbow and brown trout, or they may walk wade streams, spring creeks and private lakes in the area. El Encuentro guides know all the various side channels and locations of deep pools that hold fish; they know where to encourage guests to wade fish and how to best reach large browns under hidden banks.

We will then fish our way down to Los Alceres National Park and finish before dinner at Valle Del Carrileufu lodge. The following days fishing here includes several options to choose from! You can hunt large rainbows and browns at Lago Cholila (lake Cholila) or there are several stretches of the Carriluefu river where you’ll fish big dry fly patterns or utilize your nymph and streamer expertise. Dragonflies are a wonderful hatch in this part of Patagonia in December. The Lupins and other wildflowers will still be in abundance and spring should offer an incredible experience (and fewer people) than January / Summer. (Many Argentine’s take their summer ‘holiday’s' in January.)

The El Encuentro lodge has been owned and operated by the Beale family and their bi-lingual team for more than 30 years. We’ll experience Argentine culture with local wines offered daily at lunch and dinner, lamb and beef from local family markets, organic vegetables from their gardens and eggs from their own chickens. We’ll savor the authentic flavors of a traditional ‘Asado’ (Argentine BBQ) on the banks of the lovely Rio Futaleufu. A Tango demonstration and lesson will also be shared one evening after dinner. From the finest fishing, to incredible Malbec, Matte's and Tango.... you'll have the experience of a lifetime in Argentina.

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New Trip Announcement!
Cuba -Women's Trip

February 15 - 22, 2025
12 Rods Total, 6 Available

We’ll be fishing 6 days and spending 7 nights on a liveaboard that will move us to a new fishing location each day in the areas of Isla de Juventud and Cayo Largo. Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Barracuda, Jacks and more. Flyfishing in Cuba is different from other destinations in the Caribbean. Only in recent years has this flats fishery been developed. Cuba has given the pristine areas protection as Cuban National Marine Parks, where no commercial fishing is allowed other than for lobster.

The area around Canarreos is a well-kept secret. It has an untouched coral reef flanked by mangrove keys and islands with unparalleled nursery habitat for a whole host of fish species. This is is complemented by neighboring keys inhabited by numerous species of flora and fauna, among them iguanas, pelicans and turtles.

A liveaboard means you experience several fishing destinations during one trip because you are always moving. Once we leave the port you won’t see other anglers or boats in the areas we fish. The stars at night from the top deck of your ship are incredible. We’ll fish from skiffs each day and board the boat each evening for drinks, relaxation, possibly a little ocean swim or hot tub prior to dinner. 12 anglers in total, this trip is half full now! We'll have the boat to ourselves and be focused on the our targets!

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Henry's Fork  Couples Trip Report
Finatical Flyfishing ladies brought their husbands and brothers, and we had honeymooners and a fabulous father - son team who came out to experience the Henry's Fork and meet new Finatical friends.

All did well on the Henry's Fork as evidenced by the great brown Tim and Cheese landed. We also enjoyed great dinners together -clams, salmon, a champaign toast to the honeymooners, breakfast frittatas, fabulous views of the water from our deck and friends new and old. Some of these pairs have signed up for the couples trip in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Join us!  

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Finatical Flyfishing Trip Lineup

Argentina January 6-14, 2024  12 Rods Total Sold Out

Mexico, Kay Fly Lodge, February 3-10, 2024 10 Rod Total Sold Out!
Mexico, Kay Fly Lodge, January 27-February 3, 2024  2 Open!

Bahamas, Mangrove Cay Club, March 3-9, 2024 7 Open!

Big Horn River, Thermopolis, WY May 16-20, 2024  1 spot Left!

Green River, Pinedale, Wyoming, June 20-24, 2024 1 Spot Left!

Henry's Fork, Idaho, July 12-16, 2024 - Now Open

Sun Valley Women's Trip September 11-15, 2024 5  Spots Left

Couples trips  Sun Valley, Idaho 2024  5 Spots Left

Argentina, December 7-14, 2024 5 Spots Left

Agua Boa Lodge, Agua Boa river Brazil,
December 28, 2024 - January 4, 2025 4 Spots Left 

Cuba February 15-22, 2025 6 Spots Lef

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