What is an ACH Transaction?

ACH Transactions

With the cost of processing credit cards and new government regulations in 2022 surrounding Paypal, Zelle and other forms of electronic payment, ACH provides an improved lower-cost way to move funds electronically.

How does an ACH transaction work?

An ACH transaction is used by banks to move funds from one bank account to another. Simply sign an authorization form allowing the bank to move funds from your account to another and the bank uses a network monitored by the Federal Reserve to move the funds from your account to the business you are paying.

How do you use an ACH to make a payment on a Finatical Flyfishing trip?

Request the authorization form from Finatical Flyfishing. Sign and return it and share your bank and routing numbers through a secure means. The funds will be moved on the agreed upon date by Bank of Idaho at no cost to you.


According to Bank of Idaho, “Paper checks continue to be the payment method most subjected to fraud. Checks typically have full account numbers, routing numbers, bank name, markers name, phone, address, and the makers signature all visible on the check, leaving all that info susceptible to fraud.” An ACH is more secure than a check and you provide your personal information to only the person you are doing business with. It is not floating through the mail.

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