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Henry's Fork   -   Women's Trip
August 18-22, 2021

We've had a great response to spending three days with Karlie Roland and the Trouthunter team on the world-famous Henry's Fork...... ...who wants to grab the remaining spots? Here are the details:

Arrive Aug 18th for a two-hour group casting lesson with Millie
<![if !vml]><![endif]>Paini. Millie is a highly sought-after fly fishing and casting instructor. She has worked at TroutHunter since the doors opened in 1999. Over the years she developed her own unique teaching style and particularly enjoys working with women and kids.  She has fished all over the world and appeared in numerous fly-fishing films and print publications. At present, she is a Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador and member of the Scott and Hatch Pro staffs.

August 19-21 you'll enjoy three days of guided fishing with Karlie Roland and the Trouthunter team on the Henry's Fork. They generally focus on nine sections of this river including 'The Ranch'. August is a beautiful time and you'll find hoppers, terrestrials  Tricos, Callibaetis, PMD’s and more.  Plenty of water and fishing styles for all levels of anglers. 

This package includes 3 days of guided fishing with Karlie Roland and the Trouthunter team, the casting lesson with Millie Paini, 4 nights lodging and all meals (beer and wine included). $2,699 double occupancy or $2,799 Single. 




Meet Karlie Roland, TroutHunter Guide
One of the missions of Finatical Flyfishing is to highlight some of the women leading the fly-
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Karlie grew up in Utah where fishing was the center of her family vacations, and summers were spent on the Henry’s Fork. At 21 she started working in her first fly shop job in Bozeman, Montana. Instantly sucked into the fishing industry, she moved to Seattle to pursue her passion of supporting more women anglers. It was there she ran the Women’s Program for Emerald Water Anglers. The endless concrete offered in Seattle began to burn her feet, and she now works for TroutHunter on the river that started it all - the Henry’s Fork.

Over the years, Karlie has traveled from the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest to Patagonia as part of her ongoing search for trout, salmon and steelhead. A tireless advocate for fisheries conservation and watershed protection, a passionate angler and educator.

She was just featured in Anglers Journal as one of the premier guides Nick Price had fished in his travels around the world. Not only is Karlie an amazing guide but a great teacher and a lot of fun to spend a day on the river with!





Silver Creek, Wood River & Salmon River
September 18-22, 2021

There are a multitude of flyfishing options in this part of Idaho and it is beautiful all year long. However, the fall colors and warm days in September are really something to behold. We'll spend the first two days doing walk and wade trips on the famous Wood River and Silver Creek. Amazing fishing right in the heart of the Wood River Valley. The last day will include a very special trip on the Salmon River near Stanely, Idaho. The mountains are spectacular and this river gets far less pressure than surrounding waters. An exciting treat not included in the typical Sun Valley package. 

We have partnered with a group of talented guides from Silver Creek Outfitters that includes Amanda Bauman, Julie Meissner, and Jill Clark. We’ll rely on their knowledge of recent fishing to pair each day’s adventure with your skills and goals. You can read more about these ladies on our website and we can assure you you'll have a fun day on the water with each of them. 

We'll spend four nights in some great condos in the heart of Ketchum, enjoy amazing cuisine, wine and beer with dinner. You can jump on the bike path or catch the free shuttle half a block away to enjoy the shops, bars, and other evening attractions in Ketchum and Sun Valley. 4 nights, 3 days guided fishing, all meals $3,199 Single or $2,999 double occupancy. 




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Women's Trip -Ascension Bay, Mexico
Feb 28 - March 6, 2022
Pesca Maya with Co-Host Patty Reilly

These dates offer a great moon phase at one of the favored Ascension Bay destinations, Pesca Maya. Located 90 miles south of Cancun in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, we’ll be targeting Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Barracuda, Jack’s, and more. This area is known for having solid numbers of the
<![if !vml]><![endif]> ‘big 3’, Tarpon, Permit, and Bones. 

New anglers will have plenty of shots to land fish on their first saltwater trip as many species are plentiful. Patty Reilly will be offering casting lessons and each boat will have two guides and two anglers. With two trip hosts, all levels of anglers can rest assured they will have the care and attention they need to achieve personal trip goals and have a great time!
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Each boat goes out with a senior guide and a junior guide. Senior guides at Pesca Maya have been at the lodge and guiding for many years. Some since the lodge opened 24 years ago and the ‘youngest’ has been guiding for 15 years at Pesca Maya. A two-guide system is great because you’ll have someone with experienced eyes upfront helping you spot fish, manage your line and work on your cast if you’d like. The other guide is poling and looking for more opportunities. Flyfishing service at its finest! 

Package includes 6 nights lodging, 5 days fishing, all meals beer/wine and most mixed drinks, all food, and transportation to and from the Cancun airport. Double occupancy $3,785. 14 rods available and this one is filling up fast!






Meet Olivia Elia - The First Woman Bamboo Rod Builder<![if !vml]><![endif]>
One of the missions of Finatical Flyfishing is to highlight some of the women leading the fly-fishing industry today. 

We’re honored to introduce you to Olivia Elia, perhaps the first woman building bamboo fly rods. When Olivia was three, her dad gave her a large block of wood, a hammer, and a box of nails for Christmas. She learned both the passion for woodworking and the skill for detail from her Dad at an early age. 

Bamboo rod building is truly an art form. She cuts six strips of bamboo and glues them together to form a hexagon. The strips are triangular in cross-section and tapered creating a tapered rod from handle to tip that is both pleasing and functional to use. The art of planing these pieces is one thing. The rod building process also includes sourcing the right materials, assembling them together, and finishing the rod. When one becomes aware of the skill involved with achieving the proper flex in the rod, line management, and everything else….. you begin to appreciate this art.

Regarding Olivia’s designs and personal brand, we’ll share this quote:
“Finely crafted bamboo fly rods evoke a feeling of artistry, quality craftsmanship, and tradition. My goal in building bamboo rods is to create a rod that will move exactly as the caster desires."

Learn more about Olivia on our blog page where you'll find links to her website, video, and the article by the Bamboo Journal. (The Bamboo Journal is produced by the Italian Rodmakers Association.)






Mangrove Cay Club on Andros Island, Bahamas
February 4-9, 2022

Bonefish are one of the most fun saltwater targets you can find. Watching them eat and hearing your reel sing will quickly raise your addiction to saltwater flyfishing!

The flats surrounding Andros Island are some of the best bonefishing in the world. The fish are plentiful and average 3 to 5 pounds with regular appearances of 6 to 10 pound fish. Several 11, 12 and 13 pound fish are landed every season. In fact, some of the largest fish have been taken within sight of the lodge! You’ll have plenty of shots whether your new to saltwater or an expert. 

Mangrove Cay Club is located on the north shore of Mangrove Cay. This location was chosen for the lodge to allow access to mile after mile of prime bonefish water without ever having to trailer a boat or take a rough boat ride in the open ocean. Walk out of the lodge, load your flats boat and you’ll have access to all of the waters of the Bights, the Eastern Flats and the remote and legendary West Side.

Six nights, five days guided fishing, all food and beverages  $5,299 double occupancy.


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